Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Untitled Feature - Opening Scene *Rough Cut*

So this assignment was too just film something. No dialogue, no sound...just images.

I decided I was going to film a skeleton of what the opening scene of my feature length script would be. This was shot on a mini DV in my bedroom. A very simple concept which I am ultimately happy with. I think there is some good atmosphere created here. I thought the lighting was effective and there were some nicely framed shots (turning the bathroom light on, reflection, split screen). I think that the pacing of the edits was generally good.

That being said, I could have shot it in HD. I suppose there is some charm in its graininess but ultimately that is a result of my limited knowledge of the DV camera. By now I am sure that I could shoot this with a much cleaner feel and not lose that effective atmosphere. Also, I can't be a proponent of my own acting. In the future this will surely re cast. The split screens were an experiment in something different. I think the 3 way split of the room was more effective than the splits in the bathroom. All in all I think that the atomosphere is distinctive enough to warrant a positive reaction, however this still is an entirely experimental exercise which ultimately acts as more a learning opportunity than anything close to resembling a final project

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