Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Lost Lives / Long Roads

This was my final project for my film class this past year. It is shot on both 16mm & HD and is edited in FCP7. I went on location for this one and shot it inside a motel room, using natural sounds from outside. Also, the 16mm was shot on location on a beach in Connecticut.

I think that this project, again, was atmospheric in its minimalism. It didn't really require too much dialogue or even action. I did all the lighting. I wanted to cast distinct shadows on the bare walls and capture the minimal actions the man is confined too in shadow rather then live action. I think the contrast between the black & white and color makes the different time periods distinct. Also, the 16mm vs HD contrast adds to character. The family portion having a much more nostalgic feel to the colorless present day. The natural sounds work, however the sound mixing could be better (especially on the siren). But first and foremost I have to praise the performance of Cassy McDermott. She was the most cooperative 4 year old I could have asked for. And very comfortable in front of the camera.

I think that any critique of this piece is really in its presentation. Why the shadows? I have no answer, except I wanted to practice casting large shadows. Why no dialogue? Because I was using friends to act. I didn't want them to feel uncomfortable or compromise the content with "bad" acting. Why no camera movement? The confines of the room were too small and I couldn't move the camera around cleanly. Why the woman's face in the mirror? This was a toss up decision that I ended up including. Should my technical abilities be more advanced this would be much more effective. And the critique can go on and on and on in this fashion.

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