Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sunday Afternoon

For this assignment, I was supposed to film a "long take". Basically, a five minute, un edited sequence. We were allowed one edit in the entire thing but this does not have any. It is a genuine long take.

What makes this work for me is that I actually filmed a 15 minute, continuous take around my building in Manhattan. By speeding the action up and turning the volume up it has a techno music video feel to it. I also like the fact that the action switches from real time, slo mo and fast motion so there is never a stagnant moment. Also, I had my first attempt at sound mixing, by attempting to raise and lower the levels of the music, natural sounds and dialogue.

I suppose I could criticize this video for being a little too repetitive. I think the repetitive (and aggressive) nature of the music plays a big factor in this. Also, a dolly or shoulder mount steady cam would be helpgful. It is just way too shaky for my taste. It could have been framed a little tighter in parts.

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