Tuesday, November 19, 2013

First Flash Mob

Recently I have been filming Flash Mobs around the NYC Metro Area and this was the final video of my first one.  I had never done such filming before and have not been doing to much filming/editing for "clients" at all recently, but decided to take on the project.  I feel as though the limited lighting and the generally secretive nature of Flash Mobs are not conducive to the kind of editing/stylization I was banking on, however with a certain knowledge of the space one can pull out something decent.  My main issue with this video is the inconsistency of resolution.  This was supposed to be a 2 camera shoot using Canon 7D's, yet (do to a misunderstanding) a 2nd shooter was not available and my own footage needed to be supplemented with my iPhone 4 and an OLD Canon Powershot which shoots in 360p. Through much editing and client based stipulations this was the final outcome for this particular mob. Next time things will be different, but you live and you learn...

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